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What our clients are saying...

"We've been using Sales Tax Manager for several years and love it! It makes the complicated task of completing the many different parish forms in Louisiana (also the state) so much easier and more organized. We've received excellent support from the beginning. Thanks!!"
Phyllis Stockstill
Accounting Mangaer
Preheat, Inc
Welcome to Sales Tax Manager


The number of state and local tax systems and frequency of changes in sales and use tax rates and returns create a complex,costly, and time-consuming administrative burden for sellers.

Since 1997, e-Gov Systems has provided taxpayers with its desktop software product, Sales Tax Manager®, to automate the reporting and remittance process of state and local sales taxes in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Sales Tax Manager® is the only desktop application that allows electronic returns and remittance to all parishes in Louisiana.

Update Now Available

Our 2017 3rd Quarter Update (11.48.2) is now available for download.  Please sign in and click on the download tab to update or view the latest changes. 

Mississippi Update (11.47.0) is now available for download. Please sign in and click on the download tab to update or view the latest changes.

Latest News

Electronically file and remit your sales tax returns to ALL PARISHES in Louisiana by using the Sales Tax Manager's E-File feature.  States available now include Louisiana and Mississippi.

Click on our products page to find out how our Sales Tax Manager® software helps hundreds of Louisiana taxpayers file thousands of sales and use tax returns each month!


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